“Institute for Policy and Law” (IPL), is a non-profit organization, established in Tirana in 2016.


IPL’s vision is to be recognized as active contributor in encompassing of pluralistic democracies and EU smooth Integration in the region in which the rule of law enables people and their organizations to exercise their rights and shape their society through voluntary action.


IPL has its organizational structure in Tirana, and all organization’s activities are carried out by a dedicated and specialized team of professionals.


IPL, now, a leading public policy research and consulting centre, which provides advice to government agencies, local self-government institutions and international organisations involved in development projects in Albania and Kosovo as well as to the private investors.


Its main goals are:

  • give professional contribution, in drafting proper and fit to the need of primary/secondary legislation in the areas of Rule of Law, Anti-corruption, Justice and Home affairs, Environment, Rural Development, Cohesion and Regional Development;
  • support the implementation of policies in focus through development of legislation, capacity building actions, administrative mechanisms and implementation tools;


In order to achieve its goals and objectives, Institute for Policy and Law pursues the following priorities:

  • Project Implementation under Donor and National Authorities funding;
  • Establishment of partnership and collaboration with regional, national and international organizations;


Our services include:

  • Capacity building, Educational and training activities,
  • Policy research, publications, advocacy and lobbying,
  • Organization of workshops, debates, conferences, congresses, exchange ideas (forums) in regional, national and international level and others.