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Mr. Zhani Shapo is a senior administrative lawyer with 20 years of experience in legal drafting, administrative law and public administration reforms

(including civil service, organization and functioning and administrative procedures). He holds a university degree in Law, another in Economy and a Master in European Studies.  From the beginning of his career Mr. Shapo had a leading role in the Albanian civil service reform. He worked in civil service reforms from 1998 to 2003. First, he was engaged in the Albanian public administration reform, the policy development unit in the Department of Public Administration (DoPA). Afterwards he worked at the Prime Minister’s office, focusing in the civil service reforms, institutional/ organizational reforms and local government reforms, and then working directly with the Minister of State, focusing on government coordination, improvement of policy making and coordination and anti-corruption. During 2003-2005 Mr. Shapo was the Head of the Department of the Public Administration, having a leading role in the civil service and overall public administration reforms.

Since leaving civil service, he works as a freelance consultant for important organizations such as OECD/SIGMA, World Bank, European Commission, GIZ, and USAID, mainly in Albania and Kosovo, focusing in the field of administrative law, civil service and improvement of public services.
Mr. Shapo is the author of many important pieces of legislation: the Albanian civil service legislation (civil service law and its implementing provisions); the law on organization and functioning of state administration; a key contributor to the Albanian administrative legal framework, including the General law on Administrative Procedures and the Law on Resolution of Administrative Disputes; and one of the key contributors to the drafting of the Law on General Administrative procedures in Kosovo.

Mr. Shapo is also the main contributor to the administrative/regulatory reforms in Albania, including the reforms of business registration, the reforms of licensees, permits and authorization system and the reforms of the inspection system in Albania
Mr. Shapo is also, a lector of administrative law. During his career he has developed hundreds of training curricula/modules and trained thousands of civil servants in the area of civil service management and administrative law.


  • Zh. Shapo “Legal commentary by SIGMA, On the Code of Administrative Procedures of the Republic of Albania”, April 2018 Edition, Group of Authors;
  • Zh. Shapo, “Explanatory Manual on the Conflict of Interest”, Group of Authors, USAID, 2006
  • Zh. Shapo, “Improving the process of Economic Reform Legislation in Albania”, Slavica Penev, Ahmet Mançellari and Zhani Shapo, OECD and GTZ, 2008;
  • Zh. Shapo, “ABC of European Union for Local Government Units”, SKL International and Albanian Association of Communes, May 2010
  • Zh. Shapo, “Manual on Community Policing”, SIPU International, Group of Authors, Media Print, 2015.

Author/key contributor of primary legislation:

  • Law no. 8549/1999 on the “Status of Civil Servants”;
  • Law no. 8652/2000 on the “Organization and functioning of local self-government”;
  • Law no. 8744/2001 on the “Transfer of state proprieties to local government”;
  • Law no. 8743/2001 on the “State immovable proprieties”;
  • Law no. 9131/2003 on the “On the Rules of Ethics in Public Administration” and the related secondary Legislation;
  • Law no. 9584/2006 on the “Salaries, performance incentives and organizational structures of the Independent Institutions”
  • Law no. 9723/2007 on the “National Business Registration Centre”;
  • Law no. 10081/2009 on the “Licenses, Permits and Authorization”;
  • Law no. 10304/2012 on the “Mining Sector in Albania”;
  • Law no. 10433/2011 on the “Inspection in the Republic of Albania”;
  • Law no. 49/2012 on the “Organization and Functioning of the Administrative Courts and the adjudication of the administrative disputes”;
  • Law no. 90/2012 on the “Organization and functioning of state administration in Albania”
  • Law no. 152/2013 on the “On the civil servants in Albania”;
  • Law no. 44/2015 “Code of the Administrative Procedures” Albania”;
  • Law no. 131/2015 on the “National Business Center”
  • Law on “General Administrative Procedures of Kosovo”;
  • Law no. 30/2015 “On some amendments to the Law No.8652, date 31.7.2000, on Organization and Functioning of Local Government in Albania”
  • Law no. 139/2015 on the “Local Government Units in Albania”